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Call for Research

In order to understand clearly what information is already available, NEMODE is holding a competition for two critical pieces of foundational research.

1. The delivery of a ‘systematic literature review‘ of Business Models with the aim of providing insights into the differences between Business Models, Economic Models, and Operational Models and their link to business strategy.

2. The delivery of a ‘case study’ illustrating the impact of digital technology on a sector or sub sector of the economy.

This is a competition for early career researchers to use and build on their research experiences in Business Models and the Digital Economy through a prestigious £3,000 award. This will not only be a great way for individuals to gain further research experience, but also an opportunity to work with an experienced team on an important project exploring New Economic Models in the Digital Economy.

More information can be found here.

Deadline is 13th July 2012, so don’t delay!


Integrate Data into Products, or Get Left Behind

Integrate Data into Products, or Get Left Behind

An interesting blog post about the potential impact of big data.

NEMODE will be at the NextGen Roadshow!

NEMODE is sponsoring and participating in the NextGen Roadshow on July 17, in Bristol. This event brings together a wide group of stakeholders to discuss the impact of next generation broadband.
Professor Irene Ng (University of Warwick) will be delivering a keynote address on “Value and the Creation of New Markets in the Digital Economy.” Also, NEMODE will be conducting an academic-practitioner workshop to discuss “How New Technology Will Change Your Business Model” led by Roger Cliffe, Director of Quality at Pace Electronics & Professor Roger Maull (University of Exeter).

For more details on attendance, visit the NextGen Website

Key references from Cambridge Workshop

This is a  list of key references proposed by the attendees of our workshop in Cambridge . NEMODE Reference List 120618

Cambridge Workshop

Our thanks to everyone who took part in the Workshop from 11-12 June. We will be providing content from the various sessions in the near future, and can be found in our ‘News’ section.

A fantastic summary of NEMODE

David Brunnen (of Groupe Intellex) has written a brilliant editorial which is a great summary of the project.

Cambridge Workship

The first workshop was held in Cambridge 11-12 July 2012.

Dr Richard Bailey from RCUK Digital Economy gave a presentation on the Digital Economy Theme which can be found here.