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The Attention Economy

The Attention Economy

A very interesting article, with potentially important implications. Courtesy of Jim Spohrer (@JimSpohrer) on Twitter.


Bristol and SW NextGen Roadshow 2012

Bristol and SW NextGen Roadshow 2012

On 17 July, Prof. Roger Maull and Prof. Irene Ng represented NEMODE at the “How new technology will change your business model” Workshop. They presented with Roger Cliffe (Pace Electronics, Director of Quality; former Director at Vodafone.

First Workshop Cambridge 11-12 July 2012

The first workshop was held in Cambridge 11-12 July 2012.

Dr Richard Bailey from RCUK Digital Economy gave a presentation on the Digital Economy Theme which can be found here: NEM presentation NEMODE July 2012


Velocity and Innovation

Some interesting slides

Some interesting slides on velocity and innovation. Thanks to Roger Maull for suggesting them!

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