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Can you 3D-print a bikini or a pair of shoes?

3D-Printing is really a disruptive technology. It is paving the way for new business models that bring mass customisation and value co-creation capability to higher levels. Is there room for 3D-Printing in the fashion sector? Definitely yes. You can 3D-print bikinis, footwear, and accessories. Read more in Case Study 1’s 3D -Printing section.

Webcam Social Shopper (WSS)

Have you ever thought of having a preview of a specific article of clothing from a retail shop by “virtually trying” it without leaving the comfort of house? If you have a webcam in your computer, try the Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) web application developed by Zugara and used by LazyLazy.


Digital Personhood Sandpit Call

Digital Personhood Call

This is a call for participants to take part in a five-day sandpit to look for innovative ways to explore Digital Personhood.

The Research Councils’ Digital Economy (DE) theme invites expressions of interest from eligible individuals to attend an interactive workshop (sandpit) from 26-30 November 2012 (location TBA).

The aim of the sandpit is to stimulate thinking in promising new areas of DE. The DE theme has allocated up to £5M to fund research arising from the sandpit, to be taken up by genuinely novel and transformative approaches.

Further details are available at the link above.

Cambridge Workshop Session 2 Posters

In Session 2 of the Cambridge workshop on 11-12th July, attendees discussed specific examples of New Economic Models. The posters they created can be found here:

Session 2 Poster 1

Session 2 Posters 2-5

We have endeavored to transcribe the hand written posters as accurately as possible. However if you notice any glaring mistakes, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cambridge Workshop Session 1 Posters

Attendees of the Cambridge workshop on 11-12th July will recall creating a number of posters through the event. In session 1, the posters were exploring the academic disciplines and emerging themes in the area of New Economic Models in the Digital Economy. They can be found here:

Session 1 Poster 1

Session 1 Poster 2

Session 1 Poster 3

Session 1 Poster 4

Session 1 Poster 5

We have endeavored to transcribe the hand written posters as accurately as possible. However if you notice any glaring mistakes, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

£10,000 Prize Workshop to progress your New Technologies ideas towards the market

NEMODE is looking to support researchers who want to turn a great piece of technology into a great business… and we have several awards of £10,000 and £3,000 to help!  We are holding a “Dragon’s Den” competition to find some great ideas worthy of funding.

See the Calls for Research page for more details.

AUG ’12 – Additional Call for Research

Systematic Literature Review

The previously published call for research has been amended, with extended timeframes and deadlines.   This new call extends time frames and deadlines.  The goal of the call remains the same: to provide insights into the differences between Business Models, Economic Models, and Operational Models and their link to business strategy.

The new deadline for this £3,000 award is 31 Aug. 2012

See our Calls for Research page for more details.

Cambridge Workshop Attendees

The list of attendees from the Cambridge workshop on 11-12 June can be found here.