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British Academy of Management Workshop on Future Technology/Smartness Imaginings

On  6th February 2013 there will be a workshop on Strategic Visions and Future Business Models: Exploring Future Technology, Smartness, Creative Science Prototyping and Consumer Technological Landscapes.

The workshop will be hosted by the new SIG (Special Interest Group) in Strategy, which was launched at the BAM conference in September 2012, and held at BAM’s London office. There are a number of excellent speakers including representing diverse interdisciplinary perspectives from leading international scholars and practitioners as well as opportunities to discuss future research funding applications, special issues and journal articles.

Please note, this event is only available to BAM members. For more information and to register, go to the BAM event page or contact Miriam Karim in the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770, or at

3D printing may be reaching highstreet soon as 3D ‘Photobooth’ opens in Tokyo

It may only be a temporary pop-up shop and a bit of a novelty at the moment, but branding agency, Party, has shown that there is potential in 3D printing technology for consumer markets. While not quick (the process involves a 15-minute scan with a handheld scanner, during which the subject must stay completely still), nor completely accurate (the scanner cannot yet detect fluffy fabrics, small detailed patterns or shiny materials, nor can it read small accessories such as earrings, glasses or bags) it does show the technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. It isn’t cheap either, starting at £160 for a 10cm version, rising to £320 for the 20cm model. To see examples of their products, visit the Omote3D website. (Site in Japanese)


The rise of the Datavores

According to a recent research study conducted by Hasan Bakhshi and Juan Mateos-Garcia from NESTA, as much as 90% of the data that exists today has been produced in the last two years.

The Internet has a lot to do with that. Innovative businesses are exploiting this new resource to improve their operational efficiency, productivity and consumer satisfaction.

Are UK businesses making the most of this opportunity?

Their report, titled the Rise of the Datavores, addresses this question with data from a survey of 500 UK companies with more than 50 employees and are active online. We examine how these companies are collecting, analysing and using online customer data to make better decisions, and some of the benefits from doing this.