What NEMODE will deliver

  • A virtual centre of excellence for the field to inform the development of policy.
  • An increase in public awareness which would help stimulate new business opportunities.
  • The establishment of an internationally leading community of scholars and major whose research interest is in new economic models and their relationship to the digital economy. This community will engage in multiple forms of interaction and produce regular high profile media outputs as well as leading international research. It will produce evidence-based knowledge to address the following big questions:
  1. What are the new economic models and in what contexts are different models appropriate?
  2. What are the barriers to the development of these models and how can they be overcome?
  3. How can businesses take advantage of the new opportunities emerging from the Digital Economy (DE)?


NEMODE’s research will build on existing research in business models, and will have as the ‘system in focus’, the value constellation, with the lower level system being new business models at the firm level and the higher level system being the economic model. The business model will consider such questions as how value is created and captured (Teece 2011). The economic model will address issues around the structure, conduct and performance of firms in the market and consider new vulnerabilities and new markets and the consideration of who does what and who gets what (Jacobides 2006).

NEMODE’s research multi-disciplinary; it includes for example, considerations of the latest technological developments through computer science, operations research and data analytics, marketing, social anthropology, behavioural psychology and operations management. We will include scholars from across these disciplines.

We will consider the importance of sector in developing this typology, however given the dynamic nature of the developments we recognise that many of the archetypes might transcend sector.

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