Technologies and Platforms

The evolution of digital technologies and the pervasive nature of the internet have transformed significantly the way consumers shop. By accessing information and purchasing facilities available on the web, consumers are now able to shop online anywhere and at any time. Currently, online shopping represents a key sales channel for many retailers in general, adding substantial capabilities to organisations that not long ago where operating only with conventional sales channels.

Many companies in the fashion sector are recognising the need to embark into the digital economy world, where global consumers can communicate, share information and shop with the help of technological resources available on the internet. These technological resources are paving the way for a relentless focus on digital innovations in the sector.

In this section, we identify some of the enabling technologies and web platforms that are supporting the development of new business models in the fashion retail sector. From the particular perspective of the study, enabling technologies and platforms are the ones which provide resources and functionalities to allow initiatives based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) practices such as the capture of customer personalised information, preferences and opinions, as well as provision of peer-to-peer platforms supporting social web integration such as facebook and twitter.

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