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Updates from Case Study 1: New Business Models Enabled by Digital Technologies – a perspective from the fashion sector

Social merchandising is getting visual

In the fashion sector, recent innovations in social merchandising models draw on both the social and the media power of the internet to project products to customers’ social networks. In short, one can say that social merchandising is also getting visual. Read more…



Can you 3D-print a bikini or a pair of shoes?

3D-Printing is really a disruptive technology. It is paving the way for new business models that bring mass customisation and value co-creation capability to higher levels. Is there room for 3D-Printing in the fashion sector? Definitely yes. You can 3D-print bikinis, footwear, and accessories. Read more in Case Study 1’s 3D -Printing section.

Webcam Social Shopper (WSS)

Have you ever thought of having a preview of a specific article of clothing from a retail shop by “virtually trying” it without leaving the comfort of house? If you have a webcam in your computer, try the Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) web application developed by Zugara and used by LazyLazy.