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Digital Personhood Sandpit Call

Digital Personhood Call

This is a call for participants to take part in a five-day sandpit to look for innovative ways to explore Digital Personhood.

The Research Councils’ Digital Economy (DE) theme invites expressions of interest from eligible individuals to attend an interactive workshop (sandpit) from 26-30 November 2012 (location TBA).

The aim of the sandpit is to stimulate thinking in promising new areas of DE. The DE theme has allocated up to £5M to fund research arising from the sandpit, to be taken up by genuinely novel and transformative approaches.

Further details are available at the link above.


The Attention Economy

The Attention Economy

A very interesting article, with potentially important implications. Courtesy of Jim Spohrer (@JimSpohrer) on Twitter.


Velocity and Innovation

Some interesting slides

Some interesting slides on velocity and innovation. Thanks to Roger Maull for suggesting them!

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Integrate Data into Products, or Get Left Behind

Integrate Data into Products, or Get Left Behind

An interesting blog post about the potential impact of big data.